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If you are a bachelor, stuck up in an isolated place and missing your mom's cooking like anything, browse through this section for some quick and easy recipes. Yes, contrary to popular belief, plenty of bachelors around the world can whip up lovely delicacies in a jiffy, with whatever's available in the house. Conversely, many a married guy makes for the worst cook. However, bachelor culinary expertise is fast becoming an artifact these. days, thanks to frozen and take-away foods. Whatever be the ambience, check out these quick delights and have a rolling time No more ‘Top Ramen’ and ‘Sandwich’ days. Cooking yourself is not really tough. All you need is a few basic ingredients, without which Indian cooking is almost impossible, and we have the rest for you. Make sure to have the following in the kitchen: Red chilli powder Turmeric powder Coriander powder Garam masala powder Whole garam masala (peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, cumin seeds, cardamom) Dried mango powder Pav bhaji masala Sambhar powder These ready-made powders are very convenient. Just add a teaspoon of sambhar powder to your dal and see the difference in taste it brings about.

Soul food recipe sites are continue to adapt and reinvent itself to meet changing consumer needs. The traditional southern cooking has changed to a leaner and more user- friendly style of cooking. When you think of southern food you normally visualize hearty and heavy meals filled with heaping helpings of butter, fat and salt. Oh-so delicious, but unhealthy by today's health standards.

That’s why the challenge for many southern recipes and the authors is to create recipes that’s not only good - but good for you. More and more soul food recipes of today recognize and continues to work feverishly to meet this challenge. That's why you'll find more and more recipes shying away from the traditional fat-laden recipes and adopting lighter ingredient recipes. Surprisingly the taste doesn't get lost in translation. "Although many will not taste exactly like your grandmother used to make, they're getting better," says soul food critic Samantha Pollard.

Many of the changes that's taking place is to substitute the traditional heavy ingredients with lighter ones. For example, animal fats such as ham hocks, fat back and bacon is replaced by low fat smoked turkey, turkey ham or turkey bacon. Cooking techniques have also gone healthier. For example, less deep fat frying and more pan frying, baking and grilling is recommended in many soul food recipes now.